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Advanced Post-Production And Modern Advertising

26 Nov 2020

3 Min Read

We live in an era that businesses are growing more than ever. Many sections of human needs have been industrialized and covered by lots of companies therefore competition is increasing every day and it triggers the need for differentiation for brands. As a result of this new era of business, we can see a much more sophisticated range of advertising methods that have turned advertising into something more aesthetic and complex. A phenomenon that is called the “Convergent media” and in one definition, it applies to a form of media in which entertainment and advertising are artistically combined. This is an approach that has brought cinematic techniques of filmmaking into advertising and created an atmosphere for constant innovation in advertising videos and advanced post-production is a crucial part of it. So let’s see what that is and how that affects the new advertising era.

Online Video Workflow

We know that the post-production or editing stage is an important section of an advertising video project. From the early days of stitching the film reels together to the complex VFX editing of the new movies, post-production workflow brings all the effort down to a video product. As the aesthetic aspect of the post-production is evolving, editors, their tools, and the workflow should be evolved too, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of the film. So with the aid of technology, different variables of the success in post-production like accessibility, connectivity, collaboration, and teamwork, alongside the velocity of the process are all revolutionized in a new platform called an online video review and collaboration workflow, namely,, that includes all the tools we need for collaborative video editing.

Postpace Collaboration Platform, Project Management

A platform like Postpace is changing the way that a post-production team works and by giving them more and more freedom, it’s enabling the team to work with editors from different locations to deliver the best they can. Another point of the new online post-production collaboration platform is that they make it possible for the directors to review and comment on a film/video frame by frame, and this is a blessing for the team as it brings productive preciseness to the work. So with the aim of the new revolutionary online post-production workflow, it’s much easier to do eye-catching edits and apply special effects on a video. Now let’s see what do we mean by special effects and why they’ve impacted the advertising so much.

Postpace Collaboration Platform, Online Review and Commenting

The Use Of Special Effects

Generally speaking, modern advertising wants to show us things that might not be easy for us to see and feel. It’s an approach that is called the “cinematic reality” and its success is in heightening feelings. In real life, we do not see and loudly hear the dancing bubbles when pouring a drink into the glass but an advertising video will show us the beauty of it and therefore creates a mental image that affects the experience behind the product. So showing the audience some special things in an Ad video is very attractive, and “attractive” is what advertisers need, so that’s why special effects come in handy in this area. These special effects add up to the original footage or even create something from the scratch for creating visual or auditory joy in an Ad video. In fact, these special effects have let the imagination of the advertisers and marketers fly as high as they want, in order to create a unique image for the product or the brand. Have a look at this recent Ad video of Dior that is a part of an advertising campaign that adds a fantasy vibe to Dior’s products.

Dior Holiday – The Atelier of Dreams II

So the role of advanced, modern post-production platforms for collaboration, is to ease all that effort and make it possible to go through it much better than before. So far we’ve talked about modern post-production workflow and how it affects the most valuable means of advertising, the video Ad. now let’s see how they all land on social media to deliver the advertising message properly.

Modern Advertising And Social Media

Advertising and social media have been friends for a long time. In fact, if we consider the theory of convergent media we will notice that advertising is one of the primary goals of social media because advertising needs to be shared in society. But with every new possibility, there are new rules or guidelines to be considered. So every advertising content in social media should follow three main rules regarding the new playground for advertising. It should be short, consistent, and very attractive.

Social Media Advertising, Dior ( Bella Hadid, Courtesy Photo)

So what a filmmaking team can do about these three factors, is also embedded inside the features of the post-production collaboration platform. The filmmaking team should do each project faster, in order to be able to stay on schedule and create Ad content consistently throughout the campaign, this is where task management and timelessness of the platform will help them. The team should find new ways to be more creative in a short Ad video by collaborating and brainstorming and this is where precise review and commenting features will help them do that. And lastly, they can communicate with the brand managers to get new clues and ideas for the campaign, way easier than before, and share and archive the videos much better, because of the possibilities built around cloud storage in the platform.

So in general, the new approach to post-production workflow and the technology that supports it in the form of an online platform is changing the relationship between brands and advertising filmmakers for good and this shift is what the industry needs to grow faster.