Remote Video Review and Collaboration For Better Ad Production

7 Sep 2020

4 Min Read

Every business in the world needs to advertise the product it produces or the service it provides. That’s why there are certain types of companies that are specialized in advertising and creating engagement for businesses. From the early days of advertising up until this day, many different forms of advertising have been developed to help businesses reach out to their audience and tell them more about their company. Video marketing, during the last decade, has been one of the most influential methods of advertising among them. Today we want to see how some recent progress in the video industry, specifically cloud-based video production, build a productive bridge between a business and an advertising company to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the final video Ad.

Advertising and the Attention Economy

Like it or not, we’re living in an era of information technology that there’s an infinite competition for getting more and more attention. An economical phenomenon that is called the attention economy and has some leaders that drive it forward every day. Besides the absolute leaders of the attention economy like film, music, and television, there are advertising companies that deal with a massive amount of attention in their day to day business and need to compete with thousand of pieces of advertising content in order to help their clients. So what matters here in the Ads business, is to create the closest Ad possible to what a client company wants and tell a compelling story out of that for a large audience. That’s why understanding the target of a client company during collaboration with them matters a lot.

Billboards and Advertisement

The video that the advertising team produces should be loyal to two main factors; first, the identity of the client company, and second, the marketing goal behind the video. We’re talking about the feeling that needs to be evoked after watching the video and the impression it has on the viewer’s decision making so it needs to be precise. So what’s the way to give your client this precisely designed video Ad? Well, perhaps the most important part is walking with them through the process. Here comes the cloud collaboration possibility to make this happen in a practical way. What was done in the traditional way by using calls or a number of meetings, can now get done by the simple circle of observing, commenting, and reviewing in an online platform shared between the advertising group and their client company.

Video Review and Collaboration Platform

With the everyday advance of cloud technology, bringing and connecting people in the same place is easier than ever. And this is the most important aspect of the online video workflow when it comes to discussing a project with a customer. The idea is to be able to take the customer through the details of the video so that the result is the closest video possible to what they need. If we break a video down into its components, the smallest part of it is a frame. In a professional manner, a video editor and a director take care of every single frame of the video in order to produce a wow visual product. With that in mind, a well-produced Ad video for a customer is the one that they’ve been observed and approved frame by frame and this is what happens when using an online video review and collaboration platform like In this scenario, after a careful performance of the production stage, the rest of the process is done in front of the client’s eyes where they can comment about every frame and lead the esthetical factors of the video in the way they need.

Online Post-Production Workflow

Imagine if there is a scene when the main product is being introduced but it isn’t as colorful as it should be or the text on the screen needs to pop up better. These requests from the client can easily become comments on that special frame(s) in the Postpace review section, and the whole advertising team can see the comment, comment back if it’s needed, and work on it till it’s as requested. And this is a life changer for the team and their clients in terms of work speed and precision.
Now imagine if the customer wants to compare that shot of the video with the previous version to see how much it’s changed. Again in an online platform like Postpace, it’s not an issue because of the possibility to see different versions of the video and compare them easily. This is the part where the editor and the director can explain what has changed and what to look for and they can discuss it in detail in the messaging part of the platform where everyone in the team can talk to each other as well. And this is how the final product looks like what the client company had in mind in the first place. This is also how you -as an advertising company- can create loyal customers who love the preciseness and smoothness of working with you.

Collaboration Through Online Platform

Dealing with customers aside, having access to an online platform to do video post-production online is a gift for the creative team itself. It’s so common and necessary for such teams to exchange knowledge and opinions through the entire project in advertising companies. The ease that comes with using an online collaboration platform boosts the creativity of the team through stronger teamwork and reduces the noticeable amount of time that they spend on every project. If you want to know more about the different aspects of the online post-production workflow you can check out our blog on the full benefits of using a video editing collaboration platform for your whole creative team. Good luck