Video Production Workflow For A Documentary-Style Commercial

14 Sep 2020

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Documentaries are loved because of the authenticity of their story and the real-life lessons that they contain. This is why the essence and the style of the documentary filmmaking have been infiltrated into advertising and has become a style of Ad videos called documentary-style Advertising. This type of advertising is a good option for telling real experiences, motivations, and stories behind a business that will communicate to the audiences better than a conventional Ad video. So let’s see how this type of Ads is a good solution for advertising agencies to serve their customers in a creative way.

So What Is It Exactly?

A documentary-style Ad video is a video that is mostly made up of interviews. So it has some A-rolls of the people from that business telling something about it, and some B-rolls of their environment or the job they do. The stories that the people in a business tell are mostly the real-life stories that made them do this business so based on the Simon Sinek’s circle, they talk about the “Why” of their business. Then they talk about the “What” of their business which tells the audience their position in the stated industry and finally they link all that to the “How” of their business which is the explanation of how they want to be a change in their industry. This is how you can communicate the advertising message of a business in the form of a documentary-style Ad video.

A Standard Interview Setup Which Creates The Feel Of A Real World Experience

When To Use It?

As an advertising agency, what really is of high importance in your job is your choice of style in making a video Ad or an advertising campaign. You should choose the best styles of content for the message and the goal your client companies have so it’s useful to know when to use the documentary-style videos. In a nutshell, this type of Ad video is best for advertising campaigns that are going to introduce a business or start a new perspective in their job. In other words, it works best for the things that need a bit explanation along with showcasing the benefits. This style of videos is a good way to do a walkthrough of anything like the process of using something or even showing some internal concepts like a day of working in a company. It’s also useful to give the audience a new perspective to experience the product in a new way. A great example of this is the Dove Real Beauty Sketches documentary-style video that hit more than 69 million views on youtube and created an effective atmosphere around natural beauty and self-love.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches Video

Videos like this encourage the viewers to think of a product in a way that is meant to help them discover something valuable in themselves which in this case is natural beauty. Such videos inject a unique meaning to what is offered to buy and make the audience think of it as something more than just a product. This meaning injection is a phenomenon that is somehow rooted in our current cultural statement as you can see it’s mentioned in the book “Advertising in Contemporary Consumer Culture”. It is written in the book as below;

…one of the primary findings to emerge from marketing research into consumer culture is how the postmodern spirit empowers consumers to imbue their loved possessions with meaning…

So the video Ad you create should talk to your viewer’s mind and communicate a message that leads them to results like long-lasting brand awareness, unique mind image, and so on. And in this way, documentary-style video is a great tool for you to do your job.

Online Video Workflow For Video Projects

We all know that every video project needs a well-designed workflow to achieve what is meant to be achieved and produce what is meant to be produced in the best way. So what you need for a project like this, is to have a video workflow that gives you the best collaboration possible with your client company, in order to inject the most humanistic feelings possible into the documentary-style Ad you’re producing. In a video workflow like that your video post-production team knows the best combination of A-rolls and B-rolls in order, for the message to be understood and felt. The solution to this workflow has already been created as an online video review and collaboration platform that helps the team to meet all their needs. The why for that is that an online platform like Postpace is based on cloud storage and has the possibility to connect people virtually (online) in a project to maximize precision and productivity through collaboration. So by using a cloud-based post-production platform, not only your team works on the video easier and faster, but also you’ll have the opportunity to engage your client in every frame of the video without physical presence and let them have the exact product that they’re looking for.

Online Cloud Collaboration for Video Production
So try to get the most out of this technology and if you want to know more about the practical side of it, this blog on online video collaboration can walk you through the journey of remote video editing workflow, and use this technology and all the other assets and tools that you have as well as some super creative minds, to create an astonishing Ad that delivers an authentic message to all of those people who should receive it.