Designed for remote and hybrid teams

The future of video
production workflow

Boost your efficiency, enhance your collaboration and lower your production cost

No matter where you make your videos, start the post-production process just by uploading your footage to our cloud.

Speed up the production of your top-quality videos by taking advantage of our readily available professional assets.

Team members and Stakeholders will collaborate right on the video timeline using frame-accurate commenting.

Bring your team to the best collaborative video production workflow ever!

*No Credit Card needed

Keep track of your
reviews & feedbacks

Detailed communication

Give accurate reviews and receive clear feedback on any video frame using commenting and drawing tools.

Version comparison

Since projects go through many changes, we made it easy to check older revisions to make comparisons.

Better organization leads to faster video workflow


Projects gives you the power to organize your assignments based on brand, network, client, team members, or any other working system that suits your video production workflow.

Explore is designed to work the same way as your regular computer. Project files can be added, removed, and organized into folders and then played and checked for the latest feedback.

Manage your team members based on the project that is allocated to them. This will increase workflow fluency since each team member can take a different role based on the project needs.

Here, everything is fast and secure

Cloud security

Secure cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS) security protocols.

4X faster uploads

Postpace is 4 times faster than cloud storage platforms like Dropbox for a better workflow.

Media protection

Amazon SSE S3 server-side encryption stores your files safe and secure on the platform.

Media transcoding

No matter the size of your media, our transcoding algorithm can handle them lightening fast.

Top-quality assets for your video workflow

Subscribe to Postpace Stock for unlimited access to tons of stock videos, royalty-free music, after effects and premiere templates, and Cinematic LUTs. mainly focuses on creating services for content creators, filmmakers, video editors, and post-production teams. As a team of video creators and editors ourselves, we are all familiar with the ups and downs that professional filmmakers, amateur video creators, and post-production teams, including the editors, colorists, producers, and even clients face. So we put our experiences into action and created the video production cloud collaboration that we would actually love to use. The main focus of our post-production collaboration software is to make the life of users of editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, and Apple Final Cut Pro easier by connecting all of the members of the production and post-production team through the power of the cloud. Now every person who is in any way involved in the process of making the film and video can stay in touch through the whole process of making the video, from the director and editors all the way to the clients who are going to receive the end product.