Share and Collaborate, On Secure Cloud

Team Collaboration Platform

Designed For Video Production


Keep the whole team across devices in sync during production


Work together on video production faster and more efficiently


Get your video to the customer the fastest way, through the cloud

Add Your Client To Collaborate Safe and Easy

Sharing files and projects with clients is as easy as sending them a generated share link. This process is secure guarded by Amazon S3 server-side encryption, which uses the AES-256 bit key to encrypt uploaded and shared media content.

End To End Encrypted Secure Chat

Amazon S3 server-side encryption ensures the security of the text chats between team members and clients. We make sure that every asset on the platform, from project files to text chats are all safely stored.

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Why Do We Work With Postpace?

” Really helped me streamline my video workflow, especially now that I need to work remotely through the cloud “


Michael McGrey

Video Editor

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