Sephora is exploring how beauty is changing, with ‘The Unlimited Power of Beauty’ campaign, as it unveils a new brand positioning

Wishing to underscore its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Sephora is positioning itself as a brand for those who want to challenge the status quo. People who give their own interpretation of what it means to be beautiful.

The cinematic spot, which it claims is “deliberately different from previous years”, tells the story of a woman’s relationship with her refection throughout her life.

Starting from childhood, the ad covers her experiences with beauty throughout the ages, in its most doubting and most glorious state.

Enticingly intimate, the emotion in each exploration of beauty is conveyed as a personal evolution and growth at each stage of life, from her first childish experiments with makeup to mascara-drenched cheeks from first heartache tears. The spot is accompanied by the sultry cellist player, Kelsey Lu’s I’m Not in Love.

Accompanying the film, Sephora has commissioned Nadine Ijewere, a British photographer to develop a series of prints that carry the brand’s message while advertising its different departments – perfume, make-up, skincare.

Each of these 12 prints tells the story of the richness of beauty, regardless of age, gender, physique or style.

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