A local Toronto musician Prince Josh (of Prince Innocence) composed a song that captured a feeling he has continuously felt on a dance floor at 3am in the various hidden corners of this city where kids go to find a bit of freedom in the night

Featuring the Joy of:
Geist, Jacques Greene, Ciel, Teesh, Karim Olen Ash, Forevernextdoor, and the many silhouettes of Toronto after dark.


(also how we met, years ago, both DJ’ng and dancing around the city)
He called it simply – The Joy,Toronto is not an easy place to throw parties and create a space where people can feel free to be themselves, so I wanted to hear a diverse group of people talking from the heart about where they find the Joy in doing all that they do, and attempt to create something that was an honest celebration of those that approach this whole world in a meaningful way.While each person had their own unique individual story and background, and a varied perspective on the subject, the shared emotional experience is what shone through and became the focus of the film. The Joy, it seems, is discovering a world of fellow misfits coming together and finding a meaningful sense of freedom, community, and belonging in a niche placeI hope in this time, when gathering and dancing with friends is no longer a reality, it can act as reminder of what we all once shared, and what we all will share again.


A very special thank you to Adam Madrzyk for a gracious camera loan.
Special thank you to Ad Hoc, Ontario Camera, LIFT, Bambis, The Costume House, Mels Montreal, Metropolis New York, Samuel Rodgers, Nick Martin, FACTOR.