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Versioning Made For Filmmakers

Version Management system that filmmakers love to use

Postpace version management system lets filmmakers move around and change the order of different edit versions, letting them go back to older versions if the need comes.

Bring your team to the best collaborative video production workflow ever!

*No Credit Card needed

Upload From Fast Lane

Get the uploads done in a blink of an eye

Postpace uses high bandwidth connection for its upload system, using the maximum available speed to get the files onto the platform. Also now transcoding of the files happens in the background, meaning the files are accessible exactly the moment they are on the platform.

Collaborative High Quality Production

Live Masking

Change the aspect ratio of your video right on the spot with just one click

Wide Range Support

Support for a variety of aspect ratios, from cinematic one to main stream

Keep The Original

Makings will not effect the original media file so that you can always change the back

Best Collaboration Platform Getting Even Better

Add members

With the newly restructured navigation panel, moving around different sections of the platform is much faster. Also, File explorer now supports drag and drop for file and folder uploads, making adding and navigating new media much easier.

Projects gives you the power to organize your assignments based on brand, network, client, team members, or any other working system that suits your video production workflow.

To manage team members, not only you can rely on Postpace suggestions system, based on general project team members, but you can also copy and paste long email lists from normal text files and excel sheets.

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