Frequently Asked Questions​

Postpace is an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration platform that enables creative teams to upload and back up files, receive visual feedback, leave comments, and initiate video calls within a single application.

Essentially, you’ll require an active internet connection along with a PC or laptop equipped with a standard web browser.

Postpace functions as a web-based application that operates seamlessly across Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, supporting major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

Currently, we only support English, but we are working hard to add more languages in the future.

On Postpace, nearly any type of file can be uploaded and stored. However, the platform only supports the opening and viewing of major video and image files.

Online collaboration involves individuals or groups working together using digital tools and platforms over the internet to achieve shared goals regardless of physical location. It includes communication, file sharing, and teamwork to enhance productivity and achieve collective objectives.

At any point within Postpace, you’re able to initiate a video meeting with team members without navigating away from the platform.

Mini apps, an upcoming feature on Postpace, allow users to seamlessly integrate additional tools and features into their post-production workflow at minimal to no extra cost.

Ensuring your privacy and security is a priority at Postpace. For your protection, we kindly request that you log in to your account again if there has been a day of inactivity.

The difference comes down to their access level. Team Members have the freedom to add or remove files from projects and use review tools for collaboration. Meanwhile, Collaborators can’t remove any files from the project. Reviewers, on the other hand, can only view the files shared with them and leave comments using their unique link.

For the free version no but if you want to upgrade yes

Clients have two ways to access the project: as a collaborator, added by the project manager, or as a reviewer, using a link sent by the project manager. These links can have time restrictions and only work for a specific duration.

The upload and download speed depends solely on your internet connection; there are no limitations, allowing for optimal speeds.

We utilize secure AWS servers from Amazon, located in Europe.

Your data is always backed up and stored securely in the cloud with Postpace. This means your files remain safe, even if something happens to your devices. You enjoy the same top-notch data protection and security advantages provided by Amazon servers.