Speed Up The Pace Securely 

The cloud-based collaboration platform developed for video production teams to work together in sync, anytime, anywhere

Team Collaboration Platform

Designed For Video Production


Keep the whole team across devices in sync during production


Work together on video production faster and more efficiently


Get your video to the customer the fastest way, through the cloud

Keep Track of Your
Reviews & Feedbacks

Review & Approval

Get on point responses on any frame of the video using commenting and drawing tools

Review History

Going back to older versions is easy since Postpace keeps all the reviews from the starting day

One Platform For Video Collaboration Workflow

Media Browser

Projects can be divided based on team, network, division, brand, or production for a more focused workflow

Organize your media content and project files into folders or just sort them based on name, size, type, or upload date

Project Updates And Versioning

Comments and Approvals are kept in every version of the project and are accessible for comparing side by side. Versions can also be added, removed, or reordered manually

Here, Everything is Secure and Fast

Cloud Security

Secure Cloud Infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS) security protocols

Fast Uploads

Postpace is by design much faster than other cloud storage platforms for a better workflow

Protecting Your Media

Amazon SSE S3 server-side encryption stores your files safe and secure on the platform

Archive Storage

Securely store older project files and less used footage on our affordable archive storage

Manage Projects For Better Teamwork

Manage all the tasks in every project in real-time for a more efficient workflow and better teamwork during the production
Coming Soon

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Why Do We Work With Postpace?

” Really helped me streamline my video workflow, especially now that I need to work remotely through the cloud “


Michael McGrey

Video Editor

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