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Video Collaboration

What Makes Your Team Click


By commenting directly on any 🎞️ frame of any asset, team members will stay in sync at every step of the project.


The 🪄drawing tools make the annotating of videos more precise, making the job of the video team faster and more accurate.


With Postpace Team Meet, all team members can instantly start an interactive video call and review any project.


Versioning keeps conversations saved and 🏭 organized. Now by dividing video revisions into versions, you can easily follow production progress over time.


The platform supports every 🎬 media file format under the sun, from MP4 and ProRes to NLE project files and RAW formats like ARRIRAW.


Postpace unifies the whole video team using the power of the cloud, elevating their collaboration, regardless of where they are located on 🌍 the planet.

How can we help?

Postpace is an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration platform that enables creative teams to upload and back up files, receive visual feedback, leave comments, and initiate video calls within a single application.
Clients have two ways to access the project: as a collaborator, added by the project manager, or as a reviewer, using a link sent by the project manager. These links can have time restrictions and only work for a specific duration.
On Postpace, nearly any type of file can be uploaded and stored. However, the platform only supports the opening and viewing of major video and image files.
Not for the free version but if you want to upgrade, yes.
The difference comes down to their access level. Team Members have the freedom to add or remove files from projects and use review tools for collaboration. Meanwhile, Collaborators can’t remove any files from the project. Reviewers, on the other hand, can only view the files shared with them and leave comments using their unique link.