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All paid plans include recipient tracking, notifications, access codes and unlimited storage.
Teams and Business plans include creative collaboration and project management features. More details below.

Welcome Pack

Review and approval

for creative projects



Max 1 user

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  • SD playback

  • Stater pack video assets


The full toolkit for




Max 1 user

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  • Comment & annotate

  • Limited free shares

  • Password-protected shares

  • Share link expiration

  • Industry leading security

  • Video assets

  • HD playback

L team

Advanced security and

workflow at scale



Min 10+ users

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  • Everything in Team +

  • Multi-team management

  • Custom branding by workspace

  • Watermark ID

  • Asset lifecycle management

  • Priority in-app support

  • Dedicated account manager

  • SAML-based SSO

  • API/Platform consultation

  • Unlimited video assets

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Here, Everything is Secure and Fast

Cloud security

Secure Cloud Infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS) security protocols

2X Faster

Postpace is by design much faster than other cloud storage platforms for a better workflow

Protecting your Media

Amazon SSE S3 server-side encryption stores your files safe and secure on the platform


Securely store older project files and less used footage on our affordable archive storage

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Online Cloud Storage

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Manageable Collaborators

Project-Based Workflow

Advanced Security

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Commonly Asked Questions

Postpace is a cloud collaboration service that works on the web and helps production teams stay in touch during production and post-production. You can check this video for a more detailed description of how Postpace can streamline your production workflow.

Postpace is an online service that you can easily log into from any web browser like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox using this LINK

You can upgrade your plan to a higher tier. But if all you need is extra storage you can buy additional storage from this LINK

Clients can access the project either as a collaborator or a reviewer. Collaborators will be added to the project by the project manager. Reviewers will access the project through the link that is generated and sent to them by the project manager. Links can have time limits and work only for a set amount of time.

The difference is in their access level. Team Members can add or remove files to the projects and use review tools to collaborate, while Collaborators will not be able to remove any file from the project. Reviewers on the other hand can only view the project and comment on it through the link that is provided to them
The upload and download bandwidth of Postpace is unlimited, in fact, it is 5 times faster than google drive.