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Postpace is a cloud collaboration service that works on the web and helps production teams stay in touch during production and post-production.
Postpace is an online service that you can easily access and log into from a web browser.
Clients can access the project either as a collaborator or a reviewer. Collaborators will be added to the project by the project manager. Reviewers will access the project through the link that is generated and sent to them by the project manager. Links can have time limits and work only for a set amount of time.
The difference is in their access level. Team Members can add or remove their own files to the projects and use review tools to collaborate, while Collaborators will not be able to remove any file from the project. On the other hand, reviewers can only view the files shared with them and comment on them through their link.
The upload and download bandwidth of Postpace is 5 times faster than google drive.

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How Postpace works!

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Postpace.io mainly focuses on creating services for content creators, filmmakers, video editors, and post-production teams. As a team of video creators and editors ourselves, we are all familiar with the ups and downs that professional filmmakers, amateur video creators, and post-production teams, including the editors, colorists, producers, and even clients face. So we put our experiences into action and created the video production cloud collaboration that we would actually love to use. The main focus of our post-production collaboration software is to make the life of users of editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, and Apple Final Cut Pro easier by connecting all of the members of the production and post-production team through the power of the cloud. Now every person who is in any way involved in the process of making the film and video can stay in touch through the whole process of making the video, from the director and editors all the way to the clients who are going to receive the end product.