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Postpace is mainly focused on creating written and video content in the fields of content creation, filmmaking, movie industry and box office news, filmmaking and film editing tricks, tips and techniques, tutorial videos, camera and gear reviews, and all the things alike. As a self-taught team of video creators and editors, we are all familiar with the ups and downs of the matter and the hassles filmmakers and amateur video makers face. 

 So we would love to share our experiences, how to use LUTs more effectively, what video and audio effects you may end up needing more than the others, what footage in which codec is the best choice for any sort of video shooting, what camera should go with what lens for that particular scene? Our content can be appealing to a wide range of creators from artistic filmmakers and film editors to content creators who work in big businesses like the ad and commercial agencies. 

The main focus of our post-production software is on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects but software like Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Apple Final Cut Pro X are also on our radar for every aspect of video editing like sound design, tips and tricks, VFX, color grading and color correcting, working with video and audio effects and everything that follows. Since we like to cover every aspect of the video creation industry, from amateur to professional, we can assure you that by following us, you will always find something 

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