Let award-winning Belgian filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael take you on a journey across Belgium with the Miniatures Belgitude, a collection of seven miniature bags which capture the spirit of Belgium

Celebrating nearly 200 years of au courant design, Belgian house of Delvaux takes us on a dreamlike trip with the release of Les Miniatures Belgitude—a series of miniature versions of its iconic Brilliant bag, first designed in 1958 on the occasion of Belgium hosting the post-war World’s Fair. “Belgitude is everything that makes this small country so special—a combination of Belgium and Attitude,” says Christina Zeller, the brand’s artistic director.


In a new film featuring a set made of an array of foodstuffs—from fries to waffles—Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, known for his award-winning films Mr. Nobody and Toto le Héro, conjures the surreal spirit of artist René Magritte to imagine a mind-boggling world that plays with perspective and scale.