A wandering soul is caught in a moment of reflection when surprised with a sweet surprise,
an object of desire


Thrust from his lonely corner into a riveting series of surreal encounters, Moon
falls into a journey of love.

Traveling through the most seductive and tender experiences, the passage of time, and ultimately
through the shadows of societally prescribed affection, Moon falls deep into orbit with Sun. After
their first date, Moon and Sun experience all the richest stages of romance.

From their first kiss to physical encounters, they grow closer together over time. Roots begin to
deepen between Moon and Sun until their branches touch the sky. However, time also produces
cracks in the foundation and soon outside forces tear through this passionate orbit.

Though these two flames weren’t meant to burn hot forever, the power of nature and a return to
the self cleanse the wounds of Moon and Sun. Both lovers slowly drift apart, returning peace and
order to the inner workings of both individuals.