Joy Crookes has shared the second single from her upcoming debut album, Skin, which is due out on Oct. 16. Also titled “Skin”, the Blue May-produced number is the other side of the coin from June’s upbeat, doo-wop-inspired “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”.

The piano-led production on “Skin” is the perfect backing for Joy Crookes’ soul-stirring vocals, which relay the very personal and intimate subject matter. The NONO-directed visuals don’t disappoint either: shot elegantly through a vintage 4:3 aspect ratio, Joy can be seen journeying through the city with someone near and dear to her on a moving bed, singing her heart about troubled times.

“The song is about someone very close to me who thought life wasn’t worth living during a dark time,” says Joy. “When it came to the video, it felt necessary to include that person in it. I asked him sincerely, and I was incredibly grateful when he chose to participate. The making of the video created an ownership and healing of that difficult time we both lived through. The intensity that was generated from it, being a real-life experience for the both of us, translates into the video because, ultimately, it is real.”

Gaffer: @samcrook_
Electrician: @kristiana_zhekova

Wardrobe Stylist: @natalieroar
Wardrobe Assistant : @emmanouelamegkistou

Production Designer: @eeezeeeeee
Prop Buyer: Laura Hayes
Set Dresser: @jakegarrett
Art Assistant: @chacinskaj

Hair Stylist: @issacvpoleon
Hair Stylist Assistant: Corinne Hurst-Hatcher

Makeup Artist: @mata_marielle
Makeup Assistant: @melinda_grant

Editor: Cristina Ballesteros @cristiballesmar
Colourist: Fran Cóndor @fran_condor
Film Scanning: @cinelablondon

Paramedic: Mick Mills
Low Loader Driver: Steve Weekes

Clapper Loader: @aidagarciavega

Cast: Ezra, Nathan, Urban, Lewis, Saffron

Runner: @georgehavord

Runner: Louis Jack Lardner

Runner Driver: @j___tinaturner

Special Thanks to @arri_rental & @shlfilmlighting

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