Wiley Kaupas is a filmmaker, professional mountain biker, and full-time lover of making cool things based in Boulder, CO

He recently made a film called Liftoff for META, a magazine dedicated to well-designed stories about moto culture and lifestyle as well as awe-inspiring short films and videos. We caught up with him about the inspiration and process behind Liftoff.

Joel: How did Liftoff come about?‍

Wiley: Liftoff was the result of Austin Hackett-Klaube, Harrison Ory, Kasen Schauman, and I wanting to work on a passion project together. We’re all professional mountain bike racers and while we were driving home after a race last spring, we began to shape the idea. Austin and Harrison grew up riding dirtbikes near Hanksville where this film was made and we knew that location could provide the look and feel for the piece. We’re all kind of big space nerds and I personally am in love with the visual feeling and theme of the Blade Runner films – so that’s where it all began.

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