Ensnared in a fairytale of his own making, a pious and mysterious wanderer calling himself ‘Jude’, is forced to confront the depths of his own darkness


as he dances upon the precipice of dreams and reality. In Hell, Jude will come to learn that it is only through his own painful metamorphosis, that he can ever hope to find the path to salvation.

Embracing the true spirit of independent filmmaking, SWƎƎT BRO†HER is a neopunk, post-horror and a philosophical meditation on man’s fall from grace, viewed through a kaleidoscopic lens.

The film explores the manifestations of a collective anxiety, the allure and danger of sin, the limits of religious dogma, and the glitches in our matrices of perception.

SWƎƎT BRO†HER is currently in post-production, and will be released in 2024.