The Flower of Life is a poetic journey of a woman in a bed. Flowers is a metaphor for her emotions. An ephemeral moment where unconsciousness falling down in a moving dream

The Flower of Life is a poetic journey into the world of femininity. An intimate and marvelous exploration of the emotions of a woman embodied in flowers. The film was directed by duo Ronan Gali and Damien Krisl. To music by Augustin Charnet.

Ronan Gali is a self-taught videographer. He began his career as the artistic director of renowned advertising agencies such as BBDO Paris and M&C Saatchi in New Zealand. He has since turned to directing, specializing in fashion, beauty, luxury, and artistic films. He has a particular interest in visually perfect and emotionally rich storytelling.

Damien Krisl finds inspiration everywhere, from dreams to everyday details, bringing incredible vitality and imagination into his designs that easily combine luxury, fashion, beauty, and cinema.

OFFICIAL SELECTION at LJFFF, La Jolla Fashion Film Festival (California)
OFFICIAL SELECTION at MIAFFF, Miami Fashion Film Festival (California)

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