Project Management Tools For Cinematographers and Filmmakers

23 Nov 2021

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Cinematographers are people who manage each and every shot of the film in order to be as beautiful and purposeful as possible. They work with the director, cameramen, lighting crew, and set designers in order to create the image that the director needs to tell the story. One thing that comes in handy to do this properly is to make sure everyone has understood the needs of production and saw the vision that the team is heading toward. Today we want to talk about project management tools that make it easy for them to manage all this faster and easier.

Postpace is an online platform for filmmaking collaboration and teamwork, as well as project management. You can create your film projects and clarify them based on the brand you’re working with, the network, client orders, team members you’re working with, or any other working system that suits your video production workflow, and helps you manage the projects altogether. Then you can add your team to each project based on their role. This will increase workflow fluency since each team member has a different role & access level based on the needs of the project. Then you can review your team’s work by the frame-accurate commenting feature that allows you to add comments and feedback on every frame of the video and on-screen drawing tools, that enables you to specify what you’re talking about in the whole frame.


Celtx is an online platform for scriptwriting, game production, and movie production management that offers features for shot List, budgeting, scheduling, cost Reports, storyboards, script editing, and call sheets. It’s not much of a sharing and collaboration platform but more of a document building one. It offers 14 days of trial and the pricing starts at $15 per month.

Celtx online scriptwriting platform (From: Celtx)


Ftrack is a multifunctional cloud-based platform that has some features for both production and post-production stages. It helps you with planning the projects and tracking them, having an overall look at the project which they call the bird’s eye view,

having publishing assets, performing media reviews, and creating reports on the go. They offer 30 days of trial and their pricing starts at $25 per month. 

Ftrack production tracking browser (From: Ftrack)


Yamdu is an online platform that gives you features to manage casts and casting directories, schedule and track, creating scripts, shot lists, storyboards, and setting locations. You can also review and comment on the created video on the platform. Yamdu’s prices start at $14.59 and it gives you 14 days of trial to test it out.

Yamdu film production office (From: Yamdu)


Dramatify is a platform that has features for literally every team involved in the production team. From the normal production needs like scriptwriting, storyboards, call sheets, shot lists, reporting, location and set management, and so on, to the rare features like food preferences, catering lists & plate count, they’ve tried to think about as many production tasks as they could. Again there is a 14-day trial included and pricing is based on your needs and members you add to each project, so it’s not fixed.

Dramatify workspace (From: Dramatify)

Studio binder

Studio binder is famous for having handy features to create and managing storyboards, shot lists, calendars, and trackable call sheets as well as sharing them with the team. It can help the team from pre-production to production and doing call sheets and production reports on the go. It offers a free plan to manage contacts, add tasks, and prep unlimited call sheets for

maximum 1 project per company account and its plans with advanced features start at $29 per month

Dramatify workspace (From: studiobinder)

Gorilla Scheduling 6

Gorilla Scheduling 6 as a desktop-based management tool gives you control over different facets of film production like breakdown sheets, stripboards, calendar, cast & crew, call sheets, locations, props, shot lists, and storyboards. Its not web-based nature makes you install and update the app regularly and the pricing is based on installs and starts at $249 for two installs.

Gorilla scheduling 6 (From: studiobinder)


Sethero is a specialized production management software for call sheets and everything around it. It main features include providing a call sheet template, receiving a call sheet on the mobile app, online confirmation tracking, and updating revisions of the call sheets online. It’s a good alternative to classical paper-based call sheets that made confusion sometimes. Their pricing is based on the project and is not a fixed one but they also have subscription-based plans for teams with multiple projects per month.

Sethero call sheet track cast and crew confirmations (From: Sethero)


Scenechronize is a cloud-based digital production office for film and TV production. Its features help you deal with production documents and create digital workflows to keep the team on the line, as well as having script breakdowns, sides, and standard reports, safety memos, and location maps. The company, Entertainment Partners, also provides other services like SmartHub for studios managing multiple productions and Movie Magic Scheduling which is an offline scheduling application for production management. Scenechronize gives you a free trial version and you can unlock advanced features for $150.

scenechronize (From: App Store)

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