Tips For Filming Hype Action Sports and Fashion Videos

29 Nov 2021

3 Min Read

The sense of excitement is the biggest tool when it comes to sport video commercials. But the question is, how can we create the excitement? Well, camera movement, delicate editing, and motivating music. Camera movement is a part of the production phase so we should be prepared for it before going on set. We should use a Run and Gun setup if possible to reduce the weight and be able to work either handheld or with a gimbal which gives us the ability to move around freely.

Camera Movement and Video Speed

Steady shots are not that exciting so we use the Run and Gun setup to move around the subject to create that sense of excitement. If your camera can shoot at higher frame rates, then take advantage of that and try to move faster in your shots. Don’t forget about your actor’s talents and capabilities and try to use them in your work. What I mean is that don’t get caught up in what is going on behind the camera, you need to also focus on what is going on in front of it. For example, in this video, I tried to be focused on the ball and trying to keep it centered in the shot. Also, having a sinusoidal speed curve has always been an attractive way of shooting. I really don’t like the idea of having a pure slow-mo video without any concept behind it. Never forget about insert shots. You can use them as the background or as a “Calm Before the Storm” kind of concept. Also, keep in mind that it is not good practice to just rush into the shot. Always have an intro to smoothen the move toward the main event.


Lenses, Timing, and Music

Lenses and the way you use them are also really important. In this project, I used a 20mm and 35mm lens. I love wide lenses for sports shots and hip-hop videos. Unless there is a good reason to shoot during the day, I always try to shoot either at sunrise or at sunset and night for this video. 

Finally, always try to make the production atmosphere happy and fun. Playing music on the set can really help to achieve that. This can really help the teamwork as their best. During the post-production and editing, never use slow music. One way of doing the project is to choose your music all the way before production. This can really help, during the production, to envision what you want based on the style and beat of the music. Otherwise, try to choose the best music that suits the mood of your video. Hip-hop, electronic and alternative rock are the best choices because of the beat. Use fast cuts during the edit and never let a scene be dragged along for too long. That can really hurt your video and make it look a bit boring. Pay attention to the music because it is the beat that dictates where the cuts should be and at what speed the video should role.


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