Sixteen-year-old Inès needs a new pair of shoes. Her mother can’t afford it, and as she unsuccessfully tries to get a job she meets Martin, to whom life has dealt a much more favorable hand

writer/director Chloé Léonil explores social inequalities through the eyes of a teenage girl caught in between her survival instinct and her moral compass.

With the origins of her story based on personal experience, Léonil shared with us that inspiration came from her own childhood, growing up in between two different standards of living. Bouncing back and forth between the two allowed her a rare insight, which in turn helped when it came to writing the script for Gold Plated. With a storyline revolving around social inequalities, told from a very intimate perspective, Léonil was able to use her own knowledge to ensure her short felt authentic while maintaining a compelling narrative arc.

Starring Safa Tarifi & Rima Haddad

SXSW Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival – Special Jury Award for Performance
Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival
Aspen Shorts Fest
Palm Springs Short Fest
Cleveland International Film Festival
Indy Shorts International Film Festival

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