Empress Of has announced her third album, I’m Your Empress Of, set to release April 3 on Terrible Records

Of the new album, Empress Of said, ‘This record wasn’t written in a remote location. It wasn’t written in a collaborative effort. It was written in my small studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles over two months in between touring the world. … It’s called I’m Your Empress Of because I’ve always felt that once a song is done, and the emotion is there and it’s not inside me anymore, it belongs to the world.’ The EP was written and produced exclusively by Empress Of herself, aside from “U Give It Up,” produced by Jim E-Stack, and “Hold Me Like Water,” produced by Mikey Freedom Hart.

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Full tracklist:

01. “I’m Your Empress Of”
02. “Bit Of Rain”
03. “Void”
04. “Love Is A Drug”
05. “U Give It Up” (produced by Jim E-Stack)
06. “Should’ve”
07. “Give Me Another Chance”
08. “What’s The Point”
09. “Maybe This Time”
10. “Not The One”
11. “Hold Me Like Water” (produced by Mikey Freedom Hart)
12. “Awful”