Choreographer Emma Farnell-Watson embraces the spirit of abandon through dance in a meditation on new beginnings

Entering the nocturnal world of a woman in a vast city in the depths of sleep, director Joe Connor follows dancer and choreographer Emma Farnell-Watson into the after hours in short dance film Me, After We Met.

Playfully subverting the idea of an apocalypse – a word more typically associated with destruction and cataclysmic endings – the film explores the possible positives of things coming to a close, and new beginnings that can be born from the ashes.

Caught in a state of uncontained joy, Farnell-Watson takes a beer-soaked journey through the city streets at night, casting aside the loneliness she once felt and embracing a life without consequence. Choreographed to capture the spirit of abandon, Me, After We Met considers what it means to be human, celebrating the death of the old and the exhilaration of the new.