This film is based on true events. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the numbers of domestic abuse cases went through the roof

When France imposed an extremely strict lock-down, the victims were trapped at home with their abusers 23 hours a day. They were only allowed out for one hour to go to a pharmacy or a grocery store. French pharmacists came up with a way victims could secretly ask for help: The code word “Masque-19”.

The short film “Masque-19” shows the psychological horror most victims are experiencing while trying to leave their partner. And how the code word offered a way out.

We wanted to offer support to anyone in the world who might see this film and consider leaving an abusive partner. But although domestic abuse is a worldwide problem, awareness campaigns and helplines are local. So we created a new website where the helpline number for any country in the whole world can be found in a matter of seconds. So no matter where you are, you can get help.

Louise: Eugenie Derouand
Jacques: Quentin Faure
Pharmacist: Soria Mouffakir

Special thanks to:
Focus Film Lab, Vantage, RVZ, Kodak

Shot on location in Paris, France.