A ghost loses their memory after being struck by lightning. They meet Arthur, who tries to help them

The story of a ghost who rises from its grave and embarks on an ethereal voyage to an unknown destination, only to find (what we assume is) its final journey interrupted when it’s struck by lightning and plummets back down to Earth. Lost, alone, and with no previous memories (not even that it is dead!), friendly maintenance worker Arthur takes the confused spirit into his home and provides it with shelter (do ghosts even need shelter?), company, and a helping hand in its quest for answers.

Despite opening with a shot of a graveyard, a familiar location for Horror films, Mon Ami Qui Brille Dans La Nuit lets you know early in proceedings that this isn’t a film made for shocks – although it will hopefully surprise you, just not in a hide behind a cushion sort of way. A sweet tale orbiting around friendship and the kindness of strangers, this impressive student film is more likely to have you crying tears of joy than screaming in terror. “We wanted to tell a story which mixed a children’s narrative with a more realistic relationship between people”, the directors explain.

Featuring a surprisingly mature, emotionally rich storyline, Mon Ami Qui Brille Dans La Nuit backs-up its impressive narrative with an equally arresting aesthetic. The cartoonish characters (the ghost is depicted as a floating figure under a sheet) provide an interesting contrast to the existential tale they find themselves in, while the backgrounds add authenticity with their detail and an otherworldly feel through their color choice.

Production : GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – Moïra MARGUIN : mmarguin@gobelins.fr
Distribution : Miyu Distribution – Luce GROSJEAN : festival@miyu.fr