Nowruz is a celebration of life and culture – a tradition that stood the test of time and regimes that tried to ban it without luck

Documentry by Naghmeh Pour

The spirit of Nowruz is so deeply rooted in us. This film stems from our personal connection to Nowruz and its significance in Persian culture and our families.

Starring: Roya Moghaddas Hoffmeyer, Ayla Ayramloo, Sophia Bageri, Dayan Salimi, Dorsa Ali Zadeh, Natasha Younsei, Minoovash Rahimian, Soraya Jassemian-Riahi, Eylül Berke Demirhan, Mehran Moghaddas, Keyvan Salimi, Shahram Abasi, Benjamin Bageri, Aria Farjadi, Karo Kurrani, Mehdi Mirakhori

Narrated by: Roya Moghaddas Hoffmeyer