Fragments is a portrait of Fleur Bloemsma, a trans non-binary artist, who takes us on an introspective journey through their body and the meanders of their mind

new-documentary movie
French film director and photographer Mélodie Roulaud explores how we talk about and represent the body and the self with a concept developed in collaboration with creative director and costume designer Rhona Ezuma. The film questions the body and mind connection and discusses physical attributes and bodily experiences as manifestations of our identities. Working with cinematographer Anna Gudbrands and editor and sound designer James Crosland-Mills, the film uses dreamy fragmented representation of the body and intimate and ethereal sound design and asks where our mind resides in us, how is our self embodied, and where the self starts and finishes.

Mélodie explains: “ I feel that the immaterial aspects of our bodies are rarely meaningfully represented. With Fragments, we explore ways to represent the mind as a binding agent of often fragmented body parts.”