When two outcast teens hack into a ubiquitous drone delivery system to pull a prank on their neighbor, they accidentally crash-land a dangerous prototype – and find themselves entangled in a life-and-death conspiracy

SKYWATCH is a short sci-fi thriller, starring Uriah Shelton, Zach Callison, with an appearance by Jude Law. Yes, the Jude Law. Shelton and Callison play two outcast teens who figure out how to hack into a drone delivery system – the Amazon of the future – to swap shipments in transit and pull a prank on the girl next door. After they accidentally crash a drone on their apartment rooftop, they scramble to cover their tracks – but stumble upon a corporate secret that puts their very lives in danger. The short doesn’t come from no one, as you might have already heard of Colin Levy right here on Film Shortage. Colin’s psychological thriller ‘The Secret Number‘ was featured on FS in 2012, winning none other than the Top short of that year. We had a short chat with Colin to tell us about his ambitious proof-of-concept.

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