Water then food. Agriculture then industry. Old then new. Critical then extra. Simple to complex. Concrete to abstract. Dirt to clouds. Real to unreal

In just three minutes, Toberg simultaneously pulls the viewer up through time and technology. We climb from sea level to rural farm life into the industrial revolution. We move from manual labor to robotic. From an era of hard work to pure consumerism. Truth becomes post-truth. Finally, reality turns fully abstracted, existing in a digital ecosphere of our own damned design. In a sense, this film feels unfinished. It just happens to end in the present, but one can imagine the sequence going on forever and ever, we’re just unsure if we’ll be around to see it.
BFI LFF 2019, Anibar 2020, Anifilm 2020, Anim’est 2020, Anima 2020, Animac 2020, Animakom 2020, Animanima 2020, Animaviso 2020, Animateka 2020, Annecy 2020, BIAF 2020, Bit Bang 2020, Bolton 2020, British Shorts 2020, CICAF 2020, Cinanima 2020, Cannes Cinéfondation 2020, San Sebastián IFF 2020, Euroshorts 2020, Fest Fest Anča 2020, Festival Tous Courts 2020, First Crossings 2020, Florida Animation Festival 2020, Fort Lauderdale IFF 2020, Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2020, Imaginaria 2020, LIAF 2020, Linoleum 2020, MAFICI 2020, Monstra 2020, MUMIA 2020, Pictoplasma 2020, Pittsburgh Shorts 2020, Pixelatl 2020, Ars Electronica 2020, PSIAF 2020, REX 2020, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2020, SIGGRAPH Asia 2020, Sweaty Eyeballs 2020, Urban Films Festival 2020, Viborg Animation Festival 2020, Warsaw Animation Film Festival 2020, WFAF 2020, Animation Dingle 2021, Animocje 2021, Annapolis Film Festival 2021, Cairotronica 2021, Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers 2021, FIAF 2021, Framed 2021

Annecy 2020 – Jury award for a graduation short film
Ars Electronica 2020 – Honorary mention in computer animation competition
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 2020 – Best experimental short, tied
Fort Lauderdale 2020 – Best animation
Animakom 2020 -Innovation award
Florida Animation Festival 2020 -Honorable mention student animation 3D/CGI
MAFICI 2020 – Special mention for best direction
Mumia 2020 -3rd place international competition
PSIAF 2020 – Best global issues & environmental concerns animated short

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