“sky breaking clouds falling” is a film-essay directed by matvey fiks to the music of folk guitarist mason lindahl

fiks’s patrolling camera and lindahl’s acoustic guitar merge in a melancholy tune and create a poetic statement that resonates with the pandemic and its atmosphere.
a blinding police floodlight shines, similar to the beam of light flickering on and off from the camera. as an unwelcome witness, the lens observes the city streets from a single vantage point – a window of a passing car. breaking the night and the privacy, the film unrolls an epic image of new york on the verge. the city’s nightlife is revealed in fragments, following lonely dwellers, wandering in masks, hurrying away, and escaping under the cover of the sky until it “breaks and clouds fall”. the year 2020.

color producer: ali webb, sis gurdal @forager
cg: kostya stepanchuk, sergey zavoloko @sinners
re-touch: alexey fomin
scan, print: jack rizzo @metropolis post
dailies: ian bostick @metropolis post

starring: chaim yosey rosenzweig, marcos santos, maria puerto, abraham idalgo, daniela tolmazyn, cary gibbs, mayan toledano, spencer singer, rahman hall, jerome hill, robert hunter, misha igoshin, dave ortiz, monica hale, boris goon, dakota pailes-friedman, dylan pailes-friedman, olga samodumova, aleksandar petrov, artur kurilenko, mason lindahl, sasha altskan, amber betances, chelsea lara, briana lara, erick céspedes, celeste carrasquillo, danny lopez, bozhena chapli

special thanks: luigi rossi, jesse kahn, katya skakun, lera moiseeva, gabrielle daubourg, julia gulyan tobias belliard, sofia krasotina, david maksutov, franklin hanot, ksenia tolmazyn, ruslan fedotow, artem matyushkin