In a quaint Padang restaurant, filled with people enjoying their lunch break, two bros put their friendship to the test when it turns out that there’s only a single plate of their favorite food left: The Rendang of Death

Rendang of Death was created with inspiration from the legendary animated short ‘Bar Fight’ made by the equally legendary animator Christy Karacas.

From the opening scene of Rendang of Death, there is something very pleasing about its visual flair. Although reminiscent of other animated content created for adults, there is an immediate energy to the film, which grips from the onset. As the calm dining experience quickly turns into utter chaos, the short employs a rapid pace to ensure the entertainment never stops. With the insanity constantly escalating, the filmmakers switch between the general view of the restaurant getting destroyed and the close-ups of the bloody fights, allowing us the briefest of moments to catch our breath. The scenes where fellow diners seem to be totally unaffected by the utter destruction happening all around them really takes the comedy to the next level and prevents the film from becoming too overwhelming or repetitive.

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