The Box Assassin is a short film about a pizza delivery boy’s unforgettable night of running into a slick, legendary assassin that defeats his enemies in clever ways you couldn’t imagine

Filmmaker and animator Jeremy Shaefer released his cool animated short film, The Box Assassin.

The short film tells the story of a young pizza delivery man and one adventurous night when he met one of the criminals of the city. The Box assassin defeats the criminals in the most unexpected way but with the help of the delivery boy.

The villain Jax is played by Adin Rudd, Lou Lambert did a voice over for Box Assassin, Jonathan Myles portrayed the delivery boy Craig. Sander Houtman worked on the sound design, and Vidjat Beerepoot took the role of a composer.

Production Information

The main tool he used in production was Autodesk Maya. Inside of Maya, he completed the set/prop modeling, rigging, surfacing, layout, animation, and lighting. The characters were all sculpted in Zbrush. The texture work was done in Substance Painter and Photoshop. The film was rendered with Arnold, and compositing was done in Nuke. Everything was edited in Adobe Premiere and lastly, Adobe After Effects was used to create the end credit sequence!