How To Postpace: Link Sharing Between Video Team Members

9 Dec 2021

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Sharing is the cornerstone of the collaboration between editors and directors. While the classic “come to our office” type of sharing is the way that first comes to mind when sharing a film, cutting-edge video review and collaboration platforms like Postpace, make it possible for the directors and teammates to be anywhere out of the office and review the film with much higher precision. Today we want to see what features Postpace offers to share assets and videos with anyone who needs to review them.


When it comes to sharing in the video industry, the first thing that comes to mind is security. Imagine you’re sharing a piece of a movie with a director and it leaks out while doing so. It’s a total mess. So you need to make sure the way you use for sharing is secure enough for such projects. And this is why Postpace creates a secured pre-signed URL for every asset with end-to-end encryption, to secure the way for you to share videos and assets.
You can also deactivate a link you’ve created and shared from the settings if you want to retrieve the access for security or any other reason.

Ease of Use

The way to create these sharing links though is easy. Either you can get a link from the review panel by pressing the “share” button on the top and copying the link created on the left-hand side of the sharing panel,

Video Review Panel (
Video Sharing Panel (

Or from inside the project panel before opening the video by clicking on the three-dots on the lower-right of the video itself and choosing “share” which again brings up the sharing panel. The reviewer then can access that particular asset via that link and comment on it. Needless to say that the reviewer should also have an account on Postpace for security and identity.

Video Project Panel (
Video Sharing Panel (

Future Updates for Sharing


Timed Links

One of the future Postpace updates in the sharing section will be the custom timed links, in which the generated sharing links can only be used for the time you specify for it, like 24 hours, 48, or any time period you want. That sharing link will be expired and be deactivated after that time and this will increase security by limiting the time of the open links to your assets.


Watermarking is a future update that adds to the security of the assets and videos you share and will also give you peace of mind about your potential copyright issues. You can easily create and add your watermark to every asset and video you own while sharing. You can also turn it on or off on different occasions.

Email-Specific Links

Another handy future Postpace update in this section will be the ability to specify a link to an email address, which makes it double secure, as no one else can use that link with another email address and account. This level of security is especially required in movie projects that everything is about security and avoiding the movie to leak out.

And this is how you can easily share a piece you have been working on, fast and with no worries about security. Check out the Postpace platform to see how it can boost your post-production workflow today.

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