How to Postpace: Video Review, Commenting, and Collaboration

22 Dec 2021

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At we believe that Post-production is a creative AND collaborative process. Unless you are a one is an online production and post-production platform centered around collaboration and sharing. But as productive and necessary is the collaboration in the post team, there are lots of challenges on their way that make it difficult to run smoothly. Today we are talking about the review and collaboration features on the Postpace platform that are designed to help enhance creative teamwork and review for the film post-production.

Review and Collaboration

As mentioned in the intro, the collaboration between creatives involved in post-production is the key to making a quality film. But the tools they use to share thoughts used to be phone calls, emails, or perhaps countless post-production house meetings to be able to talk about a piece they’re working on. Obviously not a smooth process. But now, with the emergence of post-production collaboration platforms like Postpace, not only their team playing has excelled, but also the time they spend to do it is cut to half at least. Because now they can collaborate only by using one centralized online platform that allows all of them to talk, review, and collaborate in one online site from anywhere in the world.

Frame-Accurate Commenting

Now that the accessibility problem is solved for better collaboration, next is a feature that allows them to talk in the film language because after all, this can’t be a chatting software. And what is film language in post-production? Obviously frames. Every frame needs attention when editing a film and that is why when using Postpace, you can comment on each frame of the video you are reviewing. This way the post team can be precise and productive. And preciseness and clarity are necessary not only in creating what was intended to be but also saving the time that might be wasted if the editor gets it a little wrong.

Video review and Collaboration in cloud through commenting
Postpace Frame-Accurate Commenting on the video timeline (

Drawing Tools for More Precision

But what if you need to draw your teammate’s attention to something specific in the image? Something rather small perhaps. Well, that is when the Postpace drawing tools help you specify what you’re talking about in the whole frame. You can draw a circle around a small spot to tell the editor to wipe it out or reposition it in the frame.

Video review and Collaboration in cloud through commenting
Postpace Drawing Tools for Precise Commenting (
So to sum it up, when using Postpace, firstly, you can collaborate and review the film in hand, with your teammates, no matter where you are or when you are giving your feedback.
Secondly, you can add comments on each frame of the film, to make sure you are addressing the right spot to avoid confusion. And thirdly, you can go a level deeper and use drawings to address even the tiniest things in a frame and help others notice it and understand your feedback.

And this is how Postpace is designed to ease collaboration in any post-production effort.

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