Online Review and Collaboration Between Video Team and Clients

11 May 2020

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The process of content creation, especially in the realm of visual media like online videos, advertisements, films, etc. is always a better one when a group of creative minds with different points of view are working on it. But the variable that is almost always left out of this initial loop is the client. The process in many instances is to work on the project from the ground to the top, make something that is considered by the production team as a finished product and then present it to the client. In this stage either the client likes the results and the job is done, or as it is with most cases, the client will ask for some changes to be made so that the end product will suit their taste more. This means taking the video back to the production team and now they have to redo the requested parts. This can be really time-consuming and even frustrating especially if there is a considerable time gap between the production and the review process.

So what can be the solution you may ask? Well, why not add the client to the production process? I know I know, this can be considered a recipe for disaster! I have first-hand experience with this matter and also, I have seen the memes! But to be real, the client is the owner of the video in the end and they have the final saying in how it should look like, so adding them to the production process can be really helpful and a big time saver.

Of course, this can create a bit of a challenge because naturally, the client can not be present in the studio at all times to follow up on the production process. That where online video production collaboration platforms come to the rescue.

Teamwork in Video Post Production

Online Video Editing Collaboration

Also known as Cloud Video Editing Collaboration platforms are a genius way of bringing together all the individuals who are involved in the creation process of a video, from the editor and sound designer to the director and even the client. But what brings this idea to the 21st century is the fact that all this can be done using the internet and the cloud infrastructure. This method of post production collaboration will make the creation of a video a lot easier both for the production team and the client. When every member of the team is always in the know at any stage of the production and also can give their opinion and suggestion on how to do each frame of the footage, the final video will become a much more polished product that all team members can get behind.

But how cloud video editing collaboration work and what tools does it give the team that makes the collaboration a smoother process? Well, let’s find out.

Frame by Frame Live Review and Commenting

Each member of the production team and also the others who involved with the video, like the producer and final client, have the ability to view the video that is in the making and collaborate on it by giving their opinion on each and every frame. For example, a scene may need to be a bit darker, or the color of an object may need to be different. All that is needed to be done is to mark the frame and then write the needed changes. All other team members can now see the written comment and by clicking on it the related part of the video will be shown. This can be a huge time saver, especially for the editing team because now they know what exactly needs to be done and what sections need to be changed.
Frame-by-Frame Live-Review-Commenting-messeage
Frame by Frame Live Review and Commenting On The Footage

Team Live Chat and Messaging

Communication is the key element of cloud video editing collaboration. On a collaborative production platform, all team members have the option to live chat with each other and also leave messages for one another. This can make discussions and holding meetings an easy task to do which will keep all the team on the same page in every stage of the video production.

Version History

All the changes made to the footage and all the requests and change orders that are done are saved on the collaboration platform. This can greatly help to keep track of the production process and see every little tweak that has been done at any stage. Maybe you need to go back on a previous design and see how it was before changing and even decide to roll back a change. With the help of version history in cloud collaboration platforms doing so is extremely easy and convenient to do.
Version History Of All The Changes Made To The Footage During Post Production

Cloud Storage and Sharing


One of the benefits of collaborating in the cloud is that all team members are collaborating on the same footage that is on the platform and give their opinions on that same video. This can eliminate a lot of confusion that is present in the traditional ways of collaboration which meant there existed so many different versions of the same file for different teams to view. Couple that with version history that we talked about in the previous section and you can see how cloud collaboration can benefit the production process and make things easier for every member of the team.

Online Video Editing Collaboration for Post Production in the Cloud will make the creation of a video a lot easier both for the production team and the client

Cloud Collaboration
for Post Production

Soon you will be able to collaborate on your content creation and production projects online using Postpace Cloud Platform

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