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27 Jul 2020

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Unless you are a one-man team out of necessity, the post-production process is a team effort. The size of the team may vary but the point stands that in order to make quality videos, you need to have a team that works together in harmony like the cogs in a Swiss watch. Reaching such a level of synchronization requires clear and constant communication between all team members. Of course, if all team members are present in the same location and they are working under one roof, this can be done. But with large scale projects, and even in many cases with normal indie videos, having all the production team together at all times is almost impossible. That’s where Online Cloud Video Collaboration services come to play.

Streamlining The Process

The main purpose of Online Cloud Video Collaboration services is to make the whole process of production, especially post-production, easier and manageable. Online Cloud Video Collaboration services do this by presenting tools that boost the production process in different ways. 

  • Saving Time, because time is money, literally! Traditional ways of team collaboration are very wasteful regarding the time. From time spent physically moving the footage around between members to the time it takes to organize all the requests regarding the same footage. But on an Online Cloud Video Collaboration service everything is stored in the cloud, hence the name! Footage will be uploaded to the service immediately after shooting and now all of the members have easy access to it. The editing team can begin editing on the spot without the need to wait for the footage. And again the moment editing is done, color grading/color correction team can pick the project up and start working on it without losing a second! All while the team manager can monitor the progress of all teams and all this can be done without anybody even leaving their desk! Time efficiency to the max!

Managing and saving time through online team collaboration

  • Team Management, because all teams need direction! Online Cloud Video Collaboration services are god-sent for team managers! Setting up plans, giving directions for projects, assigning team members to different video projects, even commenting on the ongoing footage that is being used in the project all can be done and managed by team manager without the confusion that may arise when doing things traditionally. 


  • Task Organization, an organized team is a productive team. Online Cloud Video Collaboration services centralize the video production process, it is like everybody is working on the same system and in a sense that is true. Doing so will bring a shape of an organization that is remarkable. Everybody knows what they are supposed to be working on and how they should do it based on the requests. They are also in the know about what other teams are doing or have done which will make team members more confident about what they are doing.


  • Version History, because forgetfulness is something inevitable. Everything that is being done on a project and all the changes that have been requested are saved and archived on an Online Cloud Video Collaboration service. This has a lot of benefits for all the members of the production team. An editor can see the progress of the footage from the day work on it started and even roll back to a version which he or she may believe was a better direction for the project. Or a colorist may want to compare the footage with the raw footage from day one and make decisions based on it. Even new team members can study the production process and get familiar with the way things are done and get more in line with the taste of the team or clients. But the biggest use may be for the managers. They can always monitor, step by step, the progress of the project, where mistakes have been made, what are the strong points of the team, and what can be done to improve the production for future projects. Everything is in the service of making things better for everybody.

Version History makes logging and backtracking much easier

  • Remote Working, because space restriction is a thing of the past. There may be many different reasons for a team to decide to work remotely. Maybe you find a talented individual who is living in a different city or even country. Maybe the team members feel more creative when they are not working from the same place every day. Sometimes working remotely is forced upon the team by outside factors like the recent pandemic which forced everybody to work from homes. No matter what the reason, a good and reliable Online Cloud Video Collaboration service is the best way to handle a situation like this. As long as team members are connected to the internet, things can still go the smoothest way possible.


  • Online Storage, because physical is not reliable. There are many different ways for physical storage mediums to go wrong. In fact, we have a whole blog just talking about that! But to sum it up here, Online Cloud Video Collaboration services give users all the benefits of having online storage for their footage and data, and then some! The complete integration of online storage and Online Cloud Video Collaboration service will streamline the production process even more. Also, the online storage on such a platform has the benefit of data archiving so that the team will always have access to the previous footage, assets, and other data that they may need for other projects.

Remote Working and Communicating is much easier with online services

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