Collaborate Closely, From A Far Distance


Lower Your Production Cycle Cost

Go Cloud

No matter where you make your videos, start the post-production process just by uploading your footage to our cloud.


Speed up the production of your top-quality videos by taking advantage of our readily available professional assets.


Team members and Stakeholders will collaborate right on the video timeline using frame-accurate commenting.

Real Time






Give time-coded comments on the accurate frame of the video or any file and camera format. Other team members can then reply and give feedbacks to move the project forward.

On-Screen Drawing Tools

Pen Tool

Brush Tool

Shape Tool

Accurately point out which part of the footage needs a change with the set of drawing tools made for annotation
Drawing Tools

Managing and Tracking Updates & Versioning

Managing -and Tracking


Play your whole video content for reviewing or jump to a specific comment by clicking the time-stamped annotation.


Comments and Approvals are kept in every version of the project till the end for easier backtracking if needed.


Team members and clients can compare versions side by side for better options and decision-making.

Engage Clients

And Producers

Present your projects professionally using video watermarking and end-to-end encrypted share links. With no logins required, the client will view and review the project simply by clicking on the link.

Save Your Seat For The Beta Version!

Be among the first few on September 2021 who will experience Postpace beta for the first time.

And As A Plus Point,

If you subscribe for the Postpace beta launch, you will receive a pack of our professional LUTs for FREE.

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