It’s a Webpage, It’s an App

You can now access and use Postpace either from your browser or directly on your device as an installed app.

By downloading Postpace, you agree to the Postpace Terms of Service. Postpace is an online cloud collaboration platform created for filmmakers, video content creators, post-production teams, freelancers, and anybody who is active in the world of video making and film creation. With Postpace every person who is involved in the process of creating a video, from directors and editors to product owners and clients, can stay in touch with each other through the whole process of video creation, making live and frame-accurate comments on the video itself, eliminating any form of confusion may arise when using services like google drive and emails. All collaborators can and will collaborate on the same video the whole team is working on, leaving comments on any frame of the video they want to change and can even use the provided drawing tools to make even more specific annotations. All the comments and their respective footage can be archived or saved as different versions of the project, logging the whole production process for future use or revisions. Postpace is the service that will bring order and speed to the workflow of all creatives.