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video collaboration

The best way to organize your video production workflow, with professional tools that are easy to use and organization features that are fast to adapt to

Manage and track your projects, smoothly


Manage your ongoing projects based on brand, network, client, team members, or any workflow that suits your production.

Quick Access

Find and Review the most recent modified project files for quicker access to the latest on-going projects.

Latest Uploads

Newest uploads will always be on top of the list here since they are the ones most needed by the post-production team.

Better organization leads to faster video workflow




Projects gives you the power to organize your assets and projects based on brand, network, client, team members, or any other working system that suits your video production workflow.

Explore is designed to work the same way as your regular computer. Project files can be added, removed, and organized into folders and then played and checked for the latest feedback.

Manage your team members based on the project that is allocated to them. This will increase workflow fluency since each team member can take a different role based on the project needs.

Any File Type Is Supported

Like any cloud storage platform, you can upload and store all your files for sharing & collaboration.


Versions For Future Comparison

Keep track of production workflow by comparing all the updates and versions