Security Is Key For Our Cloud-Based Video Platform

When it comes to keeping our cloud-based video platform secure, we pay attention to every aspect from stored media encryption to setting standards and permission settings for data access.


Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and all of its top-notch industry-standard security protocols are the backbone of Postpace to keep our cloud-based video platform safe for our users and clients.
All media assets are also securely accessed on Amazon S3 using pre-signed URLs for an extra layer of security.


Media Files Protection


We are making sure that the Postpace cloud platform is a safe and secure cloud-based video platform for our users and clients. Data is securely stored on Amazon servers and is completely secured using Amazon S3 server-side encryption, which uses SSE S3 to encrypt uploaded media content. Redundancy failovers also keep the data and service from interruptions.


Keeping Your Data Safe


Transferring data files through our cloud-based video platform is guarded by our end-to-end 256 bit HTTPS SSL encryption protocols that encrypt data on both devices.


All account passwords are stored as one-way hashes and all client-side communication, sessions, and inputs are validated server-side.

Secure Development

Postpace development was done under the supervision of our security team. Any data access has been logged by our security department. Master access keys were never distributed to any employees and were never stored as plaintext or in any version control system.


Individual access keys were generated per employee with developer-only access. Company workstations and laptops use data encryption and all use anti-malware and antivirus software.


Focused To Maintain Security


Postpace is and will always be committed to keeping its platform and your data safe and secure. We constantly monitor not only our platform but also the general state of the industry to always stay on top of security matters because keeping your data safe is our number one priority.

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