Making video products is our expertise

Postpace team comes with the background of founding and managing Pixflow, one of the most successful VFX tools companies in the industry for ten years. With hugely successful products like Massive Dynamic website builder, Motion Factory template manager, and more than 5000 video assets for content creators, Pixflow is now among the best sellers on specialized video platforms such as and Adobe. Now, with all that experience in content creation, we are determined to expand our horizon and bring fluency to every aspect of the filmmaking process, from the production set to the post-production room.


We know the hurdles of video production

Our years of experience on the set of films and editing rooms have shown us that film production can be handled more efficiently.

Postpace results from that thinking, the bridge that connects production to post-production and streamlines the whole team’s workflow.

Years of experience is our strong suit

Our gathering of talented teammates with years of experience in the field of film production guarantees our product’s excellence and quality.


Reza Dehghanian

Product and Service Designer, Marketing Strategist, and UI/UX expert of Pixflow with more than 10 years of experience in filmmaking and photojournalism.

Saman Kazempour

CEO and Co-founder of Pixflow with extensive education in Software Management, MBA, Product Management, and Agile methodology.

Hamed Akhtari

Co-founder and Creative Director of Pixflow with +10 years of Art Direction experience and delivering post-production assets for Filmmakers.

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